The Champions of curry cut* chicken

*whole chicken cut into pieces without liver and gizzard.


A Cut Above the Rest

Chickchamp brought an idea of selling super cleaned, washed, and hygienic raw chicken with 100% assurance of freshness. We step ahead to establish a standard of purchasing and consuming chicken, by replacing the onerous task of washing and cleaning with the direct enjoyment of smelling and tasting, as well as eliminating the black carry bags with air tight, transparent sealed PP boxes including non-woven white carry bags.

  • 100% Net Weight

  • No Need to Wash Before Use

  • Well Packed, Washed & Cleaned

  • Free Home Delivery​


Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

Everyone must have heard a saying “Admire the quality and the quantity”. ChickChamp is a true adherent of this adage.

We know that selling is an art but we also know that the art disappoints you when you avoid the quality.

Recall with us

  • Fresh chicken
  • Novel days
  • Fresh hunger